Time2Play: Marc’s First Visit


This story is based on real life experiences of adventurous Marc, who is a young boy that has to learn life lessons with his mum. The story is told through his eyes, and captures a delightful fun element that children can relate to.








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This is a lovely children’s story for under 8s that parents and carers can read to their child or children.  We promote joint reading to improve children’s cognitive development.  

This can be done by:


  • using a variety of skills through listening 

  • gain new words to improve their vocabulary

  • encourage thinking and imagination

  • promote creative conversations about the colourful and engaging activities

  • exploring the world around them as a fun reading activity.


The beauty of this book, enables meaningful comprehensive together about the relevance of these life skills and life values that are used in everyday life.

Once the children complete the story, they are encouraged to engage in a valuable comprehensive discussion about the life skills and life values raised in the story.  This will be followed by the bonus of re-writing or drawing the adventure in their own style.  The beauty of the book is the division of two section, so that questions are generated by age group for Under 5s and Over 5s (Nursery school age children to Year 3).  



Benefits of the book support National Curriculum:


  • Improve their reading and literacy skills (reading, grammar, writing and comprehensive skills)

  • Use creative and imagination skills to rewrite and draw the adventure in their own style.

  • Become physically active and use their motor skills to recreate the games in the story

  • Lessons  RSHE and PSHE

  • Discuss social skills and health attachments

  • Strengthen weakness, 

  • Raise awareness of difference and diverse groups in society

This children’s book can also be used as an online or face2face workshop. See here for more details: https://www.kidstime2play.co.uk/classes


Our Kidstime2play workshops can be run online or face2face for 45mins. You can choose one of 3 options:


  • We can create something specific and tailor workshops to meet the needs of the school.


  • You can choose from our exclusive Pic ‘n’ Mix Modules for each workshop.


  • This is centred around life values and life skills to build the qualities


  • Book author visits and have this as stand-alone workshops for existing and new learners. It will consist of a Storytime & Activities for children.



Workshops are supported by the authors building children’s knowledge about different life skills and life values. It may also be possible for parent participation or separate workshops tailored for adults on employability skills.