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Kids Employability Skills
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Kelita Wood co-author is founder of Kids Employability Skills and working in partnership with KidsTime2Play on creating a series of children stories and worksheets.


The stories highlight fundamental life values and life skills we all need to help us grow into wonderful people. The worksheets support these topics and encourage meaningful and healthy conversations.


Employability Skills is a concept that is all about educating children with the essential employability skills and positive qualities to become a good employable citizen.


We both will continue to support and encourage each other and communities on this amazing journey.

Facet Therapy Counselling & Support Online or face2face for 30mins OR 45 mins

This is a safe space for children and families to talk in confidence about their feelings or things they are worried about.  Counselling will help to reduce stress, anxiety, find solutions to problems, gain insight or explore how to build a positive mindset.  Drawing on emotions is another tool to help manage big emotions, especially when they feel overwhelming. 


To find out more, visit www.facettherapy.co.uk

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The Health Kick - A Guide to Healthy Eating & Nutrition at The Health Kick

A Guide to Healthy Eating & Nutrition at The Health Kick

Louise Mercieca is an award-winning Nutritional Therapist and Author specialising in Early Years Nutrition. Louise will lead on providing professional advice around food, nutrition, and well-being.

To find out more, visit www.thehealthkick.co.uk