Structured weekly 45 minute themed classes to help encourage the use of life skills and life values through play. Everyone will gain wonderful friendships and everyone will feel welcomed. 


The play practitioner uses a variety of games and activities that are age appropriate and fun.

Children will...


Describe your image


Describe your image

  • Develop healthy attachments with their peers and adults.

  • Challenge weaknesses and build on strengths.

  • Create positive behaviours and improve positive learning outcomes. 

  • Combine body fitness with healthy minds.

Classes are child-led to enable parental support and encouragement. 


Maximum 2 children per parent to ensure each child is supported fairly, especially if ‘break-away’ time is needed.  

Parent & Child Classes:

These classes often take place in a school setting during or after school hours. Children will be expected to wear comfortable footwear and clothing.


Medical information is shared on a need to know basis and for safety purposes.

Child-to-Child Classes:

Participation Consent:

By joining our classes you agree for your child to take part in group activities and they feel well enough to do so. 


You also agree for your child to be taken in a group photo (or short video clip) for promotional purposes only. Should you wish for your child's image not to be used in this way, please let us know immediately in writing by email or SMS services. 


Parents are not permitted to take photos of other children without the explicit consent from the remaining parents in the group and Class Manager.