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Time2Play: Marc's First Visit  (including worksheets)

Today Marc wants to go to the Time2Play class and have a great time, but he must learn some important lessons along the way.


This wonderful story is full of real life experiences which children, families and educators can enjoy and relate to. It also allows children to be educated at home and within any educational setting.


This is the first children’s book featuring KidsTime2Play and includes worksheets at the back for under 8’s. Time2Play: Marc's First Visit showcases how excited children can feel when they visit a new fun activity group.


The book highlights life skills and values which can be learnt subconsciously throughout a child's day. The creative worksheets encourage healthy conversations and positive messages around these life lessons which are necessary for child development and to create healthy pathways in the brain.


Time2Play: Marc's First Visit is a bright colourful book that is very appealing to young readers. It was cleverly written to include the aspects of fun, humour, friendship and teamwork with a diverse group of children. As their first language is play they will be able to imagine themselves in this realistic story. It also highlights the importance of patience as one of the key life lessons.

Time2Play: Marc's First Visit (including worksheets)

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