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Encourage your child to learn key life skills and values with new book - Time2Play

KidsTime2Play, an organisation based in London, dedicated to help young children with their early learning and development. They have launched their debut children’s book called Time2Play: Marc’s First Visit. It encourages families to learn life skills and life values that children and parents experience while they attend their activity classes.

This wonderful children’s book follows the story of an adventurous little boy called Marc. He loves discovering new things and visits a new, fun activity group with his mum. Along the way, he learns important life lessons that are vital to his childhood development.

Co-authors Marcia Rowe and Kelita Wood together have over 30 years’ experience of working with children and families. They decided to write this book during the start of the global pandemic to help families who may have been struggling to balance work and home-schooling; and keep their children busy during the national lockdown.

Founder of Time2Play classes, Marcia Rowe, says:

“This is a lovely story featuring my son, Marc, which follows his adventures, but most importantly highlights the real life experiences most parents, carer and educators can relate to.

It is also an interactive book, which includes fun and exciting activities, that teaches young children social values including teamwork, friendship and kindness.

My co-author Kelita Wood, who is also a mother, understands the pressures and commitments around balancing work and home-schooling. This book is really timely as it will give the children something fun and educational to do, especially as there is an imminent second wave and lockdown in the near future.”

Main character, Marc, says:

“I’m very proud of my book and wanted other kids to see my adventures and have fun with me at Time2Play.”

Time2Play is now available on KidsTime2Play’s website and Amazon UK (PUT LINK)

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